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FAQ: Could I Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime or call?

Frankly, only if absolutely necessary.   Please eMail, at least at first.  MOST issues can be handled quickly by eMail and I can answer eMails as I get a few minutes during the day (or night), instead of scheduling a call.

I don’t have anyone trained to appropriately answer questions (yet) so I personally handle all communications… Which takes about 6-8 hours of my day, everyday (I work 12-14 hour days).
I’m crazy busy with all the logistics involved in building these machines and supporting customers.  I don’t answer the phone when out of the office or in meetings, after business hours, etc.  So people (who do get my number) usually end up leaving a message anyway.
I also prefer to have a written record (eMail) so that I can review when communicating with people, so PLEASE include the previous text when responding so I can address issues quickly, adequately, relevantly and appropriately…

I help hundreds of people and cannot remember every ‘conversation’.

Without the previous text, I often need to ask the same questions again or make incorrect assumptions.
And I prefer eMail over texting (I can’t spend time pecking on my phone) or Messenger (I’m seldom on FaceBook).
So please use the eMail form to initiate the conversation.  Thank you 🙂
May the blessings be
George Wiseman

Changing Habits Change Lives

I’ve discovered, to my astonishment (it was a revelation) that most people are not willing to do what it takes to be healthy. Generally, our current health is the result of many small decisions and habits over an extended period of time.

Your body is an absolutely astonishingly wonderful organic machine.
With millions of internal interactions seamlessly and constantly working together to maintain healthful life… IF YOU GIVE IT WHAT IT NEEDS.

It’s basic needs are pretty simple, the correct foods and maybe 30 minutes a day of assorted exercise, ALL of which can be done in your own home.

Are you willing to feed and exercise it to regain and maintain health?

Click here to find out WHAT your most important nutrient is (it’ll come as a surprise to most people) and what happens if you don’t have it.
Why Does Browns Gas Supplementation Help Health?

For exercise I recommend Yoga (there are lots of gentle varieties to choose from) for flexibility, balance and strength (yes, for men too)
AND some sort of exercise that builds endurance (like from

What kind of exercise is best for you? !!! The kind that you will DO !!!
It’s very true, the statement “If you don’t use it, you lose it”