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Before You Purchase FAQ's

Please tell me if each AquaCure machine is tested to see that it is perfect working order before it is shipped?


First we take the original Chinese machine, (we use as a ‘chassis’), completely apart, throw some parts out, modify some parts and put it all back together, adding our own custom parts.

Then every function is fully tested.

Then we drain out the lye and ship, knowing it is in full working order.

There are NO exceptions, even when we had a queue that meant some people wouldn’t receive their AquaCure for 3 months.

Since we have a lifetime warranty, I want the AquaCure to work properly. Machines that come back under warranty cost money, time and customer dissatisfaction. If it isn’t done right the first time, when do you have time to take it apart and repair it? It’s in my best interest to make sure people get a fully functional machine.

Our customers are protected by our lifetime warranty. And warranty issues get priority service.

  1. Safety - Like anything, HydrOxy (aka Brown's Gas, BG or HHO) is safe if handled correctly. Look for a machine that has safety features like:
    • Low liquid level shutoff (because electrolyzers that run out of fluid can explode)
    • High Pressure electrical shutoff (to stop making gas if the pressure rises, because if the pressure rises too high the electrolyzer can explode).
    • Low operating pressure (because the higher the pressure, the more violent the explosiuon). The AquaCure has an operating pressure of 2 psi, most others operate at 20 psi.
    • Mechanical High Pressure Relief Valve (because electronic switches can fail, so a backup is needed)
    • Timer switch (so machine automatically shuts off)
    • Adequate scrubbing and/or means to keep the gas clean and pure.
    • A machine that is safety certified and exceeds all international safety standards.
  2. Proven Customer Satisfaction:
    • A business that has been building and selling electrolyzers worldwide since 1986 with 99% customer satisfaction
    • A business that will tell you ALL the dangers and teach you how to operate the machine safely
    • A business that will work one-on-one with customers to answer any questions
  3. Low and/or easy maintenance.
  4. Lifetime Warranty.
  5. 1-year satisfaction guarantee or full purchase price refunded.

The best way and least expensive way are mutually exclusive. You’d need to choose one or the other.

We believe the World’s Best HydrOxy machine is the AquaCure.

  1. I believe the ER50 kit is the best value for the money. But it requires that you have some technical skills to build.

    From the ER50 kit you can build a BASIC practical, efficient electrolyzer, optimized (over years of experimentation) for health application.

  2. Or if you have more money, you can purchase the fully assembled ER50 version: But it requires that you be willing to operate a machine that has no safety features.

Spectro-anyalsis shows that HydrOxy contains monatomic hydrogen and oxygen but it’s only about 3% of the total volume.

Scientific evidence also shows that HydrOxy contains a significant volume of Electrically Expanded Water (ExW). ExW is a plasma form of water. Depending on the quality of the HydrOxy gas, ExW can be up to 30% of the total volume. Learn more at ‘What is Brown’s Gas”?

ExW is still water (hasn’t split into hydrogen and oxygen) but it’s water that’s soaked up electricity and become a gaseous form of water that is NOT water vapor or steam. If cooled, it does not condense.

Plasma is the fourth state of matter (solid, liquid, gas, plasma) and is defined as an ‘ionized gas’. ExW is water in a gaseous form that has excess energy (in the form of bio-available electrons). It’s a plasma at room temperature so it’s a ‘cold’ plasma.

Here’s the page where George Wiseman describes the discovery:

Here’s a video of ExW being formed:

ExW is what makes Brown’s Gas (aka HHO, HydrOxy, etc.) more effective for health application than using straight molecular hydrogen (H2). Because the body (and particularly bodies that are ill) NEEDS the energy (electrons) that the ExW provides.

It’s good to give the body the material (hydrogen) it needs to heal, but also helps greatly if you give the body the energy it needs to use the material to heal.

It’s like any construction site. You can bring the concrete and lumber, but without electricity and fuel no machines can operate. The ExW provides the fuel for the machines.

Bodies that are ill usually have compromised energy generation systems and have used up their energy reserves. So the ExW is needed for best results.




Miscellaneous Health Benefits

The tinnitus was the last thing to go (took about a year) and still occasionally shows up (usually when I’m stressed). But it ewes so bad I could barely hear people speak and now, even when it does show up, it’s gentle and well in the background.

Or anything else that improved?

My psoriasis was the first I noticed gone, about 2-3 weeks. About the same time my constipation was gone. It was a pleasure to poop again.

Then I noted, in about 2 months, my neuropathies were getting better, I was regaining feeling in my hand and shins.

It took about 6 - 8 months to notice my warts were gone and most of my scars too.

After a year, I noticed that my heart murmur was gone, when a Doctor told me he couldn’t hear it.

There’s a bunch more, but those should give you an idea.

To achieve this I follow my protocols here:

Finding I'm getting a runny nose...Blowing your nose more often is normal. Part of how the body gets rid of pathogens. Feeling somewhat congested, yet my lungs are clear...And my oxygen level was 96 yesterday when the naturopath checked it. Great news...can the runny nose be because of the oxygen...?
No. You’re getting the same oxygen as you normally get. Just some of the nitrogen has been replaced by hydrogen.

I am blowing my nose constantly...Should I cut back, or stay the same?
That’s up to you. Every Body is different. Find what works for you.Most people can do more as their body gets used to the gas.

As it gets what it needs the body first goes into a health crisis whereby it tries to address the most important deficiencies first which can have interesting side effects, (like your runny nose). Once that is over, you can do more. Consistency is the key.

I need it for carpal tunnel which is very painful and just to get hho into my body. Would the kit provide a large enough quantity of browns gas to do this?

Absolutely, as per this video:

George Wiseman’s story:
“My WaterTorch ( customers were telling me about the health benefits (like curing their cancer) since 1996. But I’m pretty hard headed so didn’t start drinking BG bubbled water until 2005, (after which I’ve never gotten sick), and I started breathing the BG in March of 2016, (after which amazing things started happening to my body). See the “Plants Don’t Lie” blog link below.

So I’ve optimized my watertorch technology to address the health aspect of BG, (HydrOxy or HHO).

I started selling an ER50 kit (mini Brown’s Gas machine) in 2007.

I then optimized the ER50 for Health application and now sell a fully assembled version:

In late 2016 I gave the technology a major upgrade and re-named it AquaCure.

In the last decade, many people have learned about the health aspects of hydrogen and they are all true...but there’s an additional aspect that most do not yet know.

It’s called Brown’s Gas (been around since 1960) Patented by William Rhodes of Pheonix Arizona. Mr. Rhodes called it ‘single-ducted gas’. FAQ: What is Brown’s Gas?

Electrically Expanded Water (ExW) is the third constituent of Brown’s Gas. (Hydrogen, Oxygen and ExW).

ExW is a ‘plasma’ form of water, containing a bio-available form of energy that helps all water based life forms. Plants Dont Lie:

Here is ExW being formed:

BG, (HydrOxy), has all the benefits of ‘straight’ hydrogen supplementation, plus it has bio-available energy from the ExW that gives the mixture a 'turbo-charge' for health and healing.

My most recent AquaCure brochure:

This is a page I put together and have been updating since 2007.™-model-ea-h160/browns-gas/browns-gas-health-enhancement/browns-gas-health

My eNews covers a lot of information and links. You’d read starting from about Issue #55.

My protocols:

My Testimonial and further empirical proofs are on this Blog:

Here is an article I’ve co-authored with Walter Last.

I also have answers to many FAQ such as:
What’s the best way to get supplemental (therapeutic) hydrogen into my body?

I prefer a solution that can do all four of my protocols plus make ‘new water’. New Water is an entire other conversation.

I have much more but this is a good start.

May the blessings be,
George Wiseman




General Support

If you don't plan to drink the water, that only affects the final water.

The filter, (the stainless steel tank), should always have distilled water but only needs changed about every 8 hours of use.

The humidifier should always have distilled water but, if you are not breathing or drinking the final water can be 'clean' water (tap or spring) NOT mineralized!

The final bubbler should always have distilled water. Even if you are not drinking it immediately, you can then drink it later. This is the drinking water and some people have strongly held belief that mineraized water is what they should drink so that's what they use in the bubbler... It's your choice.

Your Berkey water sounds okay for the final bubbled water if you are not drinking it, but as I said, if you are not drinking it, you can just keep bubbling it until you ARE ready to drink it.

Here in Europe they distinguish between distilled water for irons, humidifier etc. and the other type for medical use, but this one I have to buy in the pharmacy (and it cost much more). Is the "normal" distilled water good enough, also for making with the bubbler the water to drink?

Yes, the normal distilled water should be good enough. I’d use the pharmacy grade if I could afford it but if money is an issue then the regular is acceptable.

The purer you can make the water, the better everything will perform. But the difference would be hard to measure except over a long period of time.

More sludge will form in the machine with less pure water resulting in need for more frequent clean outs. The less pure water won’t scrub lye quite as well as pure water, (in the filter and humidifier). The less pure water won’t, (in my opinion), be quite as healthy to drink, due to non-bio-available impurities.

Another option is to buy a really good water distiller. I’d recommend one that has a ‘pre heat’ cycle, which gets rid of ‘light’ contaminates before the regular distillation starts. Here’s the one I use:

The problem is that your well water tests high because of impurities. Just because the pH is high doesn't make the water healthful. It needs to be high because of hydrogen, not minerals.

Lye makes a pH of 13...Would you drink lye water? So no, my recommendation is drink ONLY distilled water that has been bubbled with BG.

I now recommend water changes in the filter and humidifier after every 8 to 10 hours of use.

I am concerned about safety with the AquaCure. in the manual you say that it should be operated in an environment temperature 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It gets hot here and the main room I live in can get over 90 in summer. Can the device spontaneously combust even when not in use?

No, 90°F is OK for that, it will not self-explode even in higher temperatures. The main reason I put in the temperatures is to keep it out of FREEZING temperatures, which would damage the machine.

Should I keep my AquaCure in a cool room, only?

I wouldn’t operate it at greater that 90°F because fittings inside might start to leak.