"I had quite a big wart between my toes that was inflamed due to rubbing while walking. I soaked a cloth with BG water and put it overnight around the toe. Next morning the inflammation was gone. I repeated every night. Three days later the wart had disappeared for 75% and is now getting smaller and smaller. Lovely!

My friend R. with rheumatic problems had a painful knee with difficulty bending it. During her visit, we treated the knee with BG gas and gave her BG water. Already after the treatment, the knee felt lighter and an hour later, she was able to bend the knee without pain. This is almost miraculous….

Also, I experience deep relaxation after and during breathing the BG. The same does my friend M. We of course drink the water and feel refreshed and energized - we are 72 and 73. BG seems to generate too slow processes in the organism.

I work on my legs that are blue from varicose veins and stagnation. After a first treatment I almost could not sleep so strongly circulation was increased. Now it is less, but also the very blue of the legs is diminishing. I am very hopeful to be able to regenerate the leg. Now I am so happy to continue."

~ ZeierRahel