"Today I did treatments to a 45-year-old lady that had broken her back and neck at 14 yrs old. Did 15 min on lower back and same on neck using a shallow 4" square plastic Tupperware type container draping a small towel to minimize loss.

Got relief in less than 5 min. Not only did her neck and back become pain-free, but the biggest improvement was to her arm where she before she had chronic pain for years from elbow to, and including, fingers. Now completely pain-free.

Will do follow up to see how long it will last and if she will need more treatments. 

I'm using a 110 plate electrolyzer (overkill) where I control the flow of BG with a variac to .5 lpm. Shortly after the previous treatment in hobbled a 50 yr old male friend. He had broken his lower back and had 2 screws to fix it. But had fallen down and broken the screws( he is scheduled for surgery to re-fix his back).

He also had arm pains, so I treated lower back, then shoulder 15 min each. 50% relief in pain to back and 100% to arm.

Then 43 yr old lady with carpal tunnel in both arms showed up, so treated her exactly like the video with french bread bag. She was 100% pain-free in both arms after 10 min per arm.

Everyone was skeptical (including myself) at the degree of relief; but not anymore. Suspect fallow up treatments may be needed, will be monitoring."

~ Ed Shippen  (Tue, 2016-07-05)