"Just received your latest newsletter and read your testimonial.  I felt the need to add my story which I have not mentioned to you before.  I used to suffer with debilitating arthritis.  Especially in my wrists and hands.

Back in 2010,  it had gotten to the point that on some days I could not even grip a ballpoint pen.  I would have what I termed bad days and very bad days.  There were no good arthritis days anymore.

The use of my hands is an integral part of my business as well as my personal life,  and I was at the point where all of the drugs, creams,  lineaments, etc, were not helping anymore.

It was about this point in time that you mentioned using BG as a possible pain relief for me.  I gave it some thought at the time but did not immediately act on your suggestion.  One day when the pain was so intense and my range of motion was about 25% of what it should be, in sheer desperation,  I grabbed a bread wrapper ( bag ) and inserted my right arm into it up to the elbow.  I then ran the gas hose from one of the HyZor type generators on our test bench into the bag and placed a rubber band around the top to keep in snug and seal in the BG.

Well, it will soon be 6 years since the first treatment,  and I am for the most part pain-free.  I got some, immediate relief after the first treatment, and repeated it for 4 or 5 days until the pain was completely gone.

Since then,  I give myself a treatment about once a week to maintain.  The pain is gone 99% of the time,  and my range of motion in my fingers and wrists is about 95% which is remarkable considering my 81 years of wear and tear that I have subjected my body to.  Since the first treatment,  I have been able to fully utilize my hands as evidenced by the fact that I have been able to build several thousand HyZor Type Technology generators as well as successfully repair mini circuit electronics that we manufacture.


Without BG for pain relief,  I would be over 400K poorer than I am today because I had reached the point that I could no longer build my products.  Thank God for your suggestion and Thank you for all of the technology breakthroughs we have shared through all of these years."

~ Darol Mason