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Hydrate for Health

When Brown's Gas is bubbled through clean water, the water absorbs oxygen and hydrogen. It is beleived that there is an additional energy, electrical in nature, added to the water as well.

We find that drinking the resulting enhanced, oxygenated and hydrated water makes us more alert just like drinking a cup of coffee, but without the side effects.

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The Benefits of AquaCure



Studies show the higher the hydrogen content in the blood the longer people can expect to live.

Improved Health

Improved Health

Scientific studies prove that hydrogen effectively heals bodies from nearly all ailments.

Why It Works

Why It Works

Hydrogen is our most important nutrient because our bodies are 62% hydrogen. It will blow your mind.

What People Are Saying About Hydroxy


Today I did treatments to a 45-year-old lady that had broken her back and neck at 14 yrs old. Did 15 min on lower back and same on neck using a...

OK - it's (the ER50) running with two Caps and is bubbling away!   Hooray! :o) I Already had a reaction in one of my knees that's been bothering...

Update on my carpal ginnie pig; She is 50, not 45, but had quit working at Tyson chicken plant 20 years ago because she developed carpal tunnel....

It was so good to hear of your positive results from application of the gas (Brown's Gas aka BG or HHO) and makes me feel as though I have not shared...

I have arthritis as well, runs in the family. I play bluegrass guitar leads and banjo as well. I was slowing down, I figured I was getting older, I

Just received your latest newsletter and read your testimonial.  I felt the need to add my story which I have not mentioned to you before.  I used to...

I have been using the ideas of Loyd Jacobs you show in BG for health video 2 with good results for osteo arthritis. Thank you so much for getting...

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AquaCure AC-1


The AquaCure machine generates a high energy bio-available gas called HydrOxy (aka Brown’s Gas, BG, HHO or OxyHydrogen); that our bodies need to heal (from disease and wounds), prevent & reverse the symptoms of aging.